Albatross Ventures focuses almost exclusively on B2B opportunities.
We care about solid, long-term, value driven businesses and our holding period is virtually forever.
We make three types of investments (for the most part)
Minority & Debt
(our least favorite)
  • Angel investments ranging between Idea to Series A.

  • Equity investments in small, more "traditional", businesses

  • Debt vehicles ranging from traditional loans to inventory or P.O financing to credit enhancement and loan guarantees. 

  • For small to medium sized businesses looking for under $1M in financing

Control / Acquisitions
(our second favorite)
  • Highly flexible equity investment structures that range from majority interest to 100% buyouts

  • Prefer to serve as long-term, permanent capital

  • Will also acquire "stale" or unused technology and intellectual property

  • For companies selling themselves and/or looking for a soft landing

EIR Investments
(our favorite)
  • You come up with the idea, we serve as the first, and usually only, capital

  • We provide you with additional resources ranging from branding, marketing, sales, advisory network, etc. if you want them

  • You control the day to day, we control the exit

  • For founders and leadership who have scaled a successful company

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